About Atna

ATNA Outfitters is proud to offer one of British Columbia's highest density areas for grizzly bears and mountain goats. There are 2700 sq. miles of remote territory with rugged mountain ranges within this coastal weather zone. Here you will find some of the most magnificent mountain ranges in our province. There are numerous rivers and streams with spawning salmon, wild berries and low wetlands making for an ideal bear habitat. Black bear, wolverine, wolves, and moose are the other species of big game found in the area. This is a territory of big bears and mountain goats. These hunts require the hunter to be in good physical condition as it is a particularly tough hunt, especially for mountain goat.

The ATNA area has a long history of producing fine billies. 10" billies are the norm and these goats are genetically larger; it is not uncommon to find billies with a body weight of 300 pounds. Moose hunts can be combined with either grizzly or black bear during the fall hunting season.

Spring bear hunts are also available, as this territory is ideally suited to both black bear and grizzly during May and June. The spring black bear hunts are mainly conducted in our Skeena and Babine River areas and are a drive-in hunt to the camps. You will be hunting in natural slide areas or in logged cut blocks found along the fringes of this area.


The majority of hunts are accessed by a fly-in float plane. This adds to the total experience and ensures the area has only been hunted lightly over the years. Each valley within the territory has a base camp consisting of comfortable log or frame cabins. While hunting mountain goat and grizzly, expect to be camped out under canvas or mountain tents.


We must emphasize that hunting in the ATNA territory requires the hunter to be determined as well as in top physical condition. The ability to endure often rough conditions is an important contributor to success.


The ATNA area has been part of Collingwood Brothers hunting territory for 47 years, and they have conservatively harvested game from this territory during this time period. ATNA Outfitters is proud to continue offering high quality hunts.


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